Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.
  • Visiting for a short holiday/business trip
If you plan to enter Australia for business purposes or to have a holiday/visit relatives then you will need to apply for the relevant travel Visa.
Find out more about short stay tourist and business visas.
A young couple in Australia.
  • Travel and work your way around Oz
If you are 18 – 30 years old and plan to visit Oz or NZ then why not consider a Working Holiday. These Visas permit casual work to fund your trip.
Find out more about Australian and New Zealand Working Holidays.
3 business people at work.
  • Looking to migrate
Australia has shortages in its skilled labour workforce making migration to Australia ideal. Your eligibility is centered on your skills and work experience.
Find out more about General Skilled Migration
Swimming pool and flip flops.
  • Have a family member in Australia
If you are an Australian citizen and have a partner or family member wishing to migrate, then you must apply for the relevant family and spouse visa.
Find out more about family migration.
Polaroid pictures of backpackers in Australia.